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We recommend having your trial about a month before your wedding day. However we understand that some brides need to
come in earlier due to travel plans.
PLEASE NOTE: We unfortunately cannot do trials on weekends due to the nature of our business. We are busiest with brides
and occasions on weekends.

All trial runs take place at our studio located at 110 fairway, Durban north.
Trials typically take about two hours, to ensure your wants and needs are met.
Hair only or Makeup only trials take about one hour.

Any pictures / your inspirations are welcome.
Bring any accessories that you would like to see placed in your hair.
Some brides bring the wedding day earrings/ necklace to see all together.
You can bring your veil If you have it/ special hair clip/ flowers to view placed in the hair
If you are wearing Hair extensions, please bring these with for the trial.

No! We provide everything, However, if you have a makeup / hair product you cannot live without and must use it on your
wedding day, We will be more than happy to apply it.

Brides should arrive with clean, moisturised skin. No heavy sunblocks with high SPF as this will cause the makeup to flash
back white in photos. No heavy eye creams under the eyes as this causes makeup to crease / collect under the eyes.

It would be best to have your hair dry when we arrive, you can either wash it the day before the trial, or if you prefer to wash
your hair daily…you can wash it on the day.
Please don’t use any deep conditioners, leave-in products, 2in1 shampoo & conditioners and please don’t straighten your


Our team will set up an area for hair or makeup usually we would ask for a location with lots of natural light and a table area for applying the makeup.

We would then start applying the hair or makeup and ask that someone is available for hair or makeup every 30 minutes as
that is the usual time it takes per person for hair or makeup.

Have everyone in the bridal party arrive with clean, dry hair and clean moisturised skin compatible for fresh makeup.
if you can freshly wash your hair either on the morning (if oily) or on the day before (if normal/dry) this will help with styling.
avoid using any hair products or using any heat appliances as this can affect styling.
if you have SPF in your moisturiser, we recommend avoiding anything over 15 SPF to avoid the “white face” look in photos.
exfoliate your lips so that your lipstick will stick, and whiten those pearly white teeth so that your smile stands out in photos.
applied eye contacts
on the day of, wear a robe or button down shirt so that your hair will stay in place, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the
pampering before you walk down the aisle.

Yes! we will often refer to the touch up time as the ‘golden hour.’ for every wedding we block off the last 30 - 45 minutes
before leaving to ensure that everyone looks perfect! our hairstylist will check for any loose pieces of hair or bobby pins while
applying last minute hairspray to make sure every strand of hair stays in place. our makeup artists will check for any smudges
and apply any powder or setting spray before leaving. all additional time is used to help our artists clean up and pack.

We use products that are designed to last, but you may need to touch up your makeup.
the weather, skin type, how much you cry, and time between makeup and ceremony are all factors that can have an effect

Don’t worry, though. you shouldn’t have to apply any more colour or blend your eye shadow. what you might need to do,
however, is blot/ powder your skin and freshen up your lipstick.
We can provide you with a touch up kit with the products you need.
on makeup longevity.

We do offer a premium touch-up service which is priced separately. this we would need to know before your trial as the rates
you were originally quoted may turn into a “day rate” pricing structure if you require a full day of your stylist(s) time. again, each
party is unique so please discuss this at your trial.

YES, we understand that sometimes there might be a member in your family or bridal party that asks if they can receive
services on the day of.
we will accommodate them after the whole bridal party and all services that are added on must be paid there on the day.

Yes, we have a team of Artists & stylists on staff ready and able to handle your large bridal party. we will assign lead artists
and assistant artists at our discretion.

We take so much pride in our kits! They are always stocked with the latest, most professional cosmetics and tools around.
We have every colour and texture available with brands that are hyper allergenic, cruelty free and extremely long lasting.

Our passion is to research and explore the newest make-up, hair trends and techniques. We study contemporary make-up,
airbrushing and hairstyling. Making sure your look is fresh and modern.

The silicone formula provides a natural, dewy finish for a healthy, youthful glow on any skin type. it delivers a seamlessly
blended and luminous complexion. this beauty breakthrough technology and superior makeup formula work in unison to give
you sheer coverage when you want it, and full coverage only where you need it. diffuse discolourations, fine lines, wrinkles
and pores.
*formulated with colour-correcting pigments to diffuse the look of imperfections
*transfer, sweat-resistant and designed to last all-day
*designed to deliver a flawless finish to the face and body
*silk-sphere technology provides maximum coverage with a feather-light fee

*oil-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic formula means it’s great for all skin types
i continue to invest in new products all of the time.

A typical time to receive your timeline is 30 days prior to the wedding day. for special circumstances, we will provide you with
a timeline a bit earlier but understand we cannot send out timelines too far in advance because the details more than likely
have not been finalised and timelines take a bit of work and organisation.

Absolutely! the purpose of your trial is to tryout looks with the artist that will be assigned to you for your wedding day. the day
your trial is booked, we place a tentative hold on that artist for your wedding date. however, keep in mind, if we don’t receive
your deposit and contract shortly after your trial, we will need to open up the artists availability for that date.
the stylist(s) who completes your trial will also be the stylist on the day of your wedding. however, in case of emergencies or
other conflicts, you may receive a different stylist. we take lots of photos and careful notes and records of your hair and
makeup look so the stylist can replicate the look completed during your trial in the case of a stylist switch. keep in the mind
that we only replace your stylist under extreme circumstances.