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Kamu | Kiss & Makeup

At KAMU we believe in creating exquisite beauty using techniques that are so soft to the eye while very intentional.

Our artists sculpt each face with such precision using as little product as needed therefore, achieving a flawless looking face yet natural in look and feel.
We believe that every woman is a unique beauty and is created that way for a reason. So every face requires a different method, as a result, we strive to enhance the clients best features. Furthermore, we always make sure that the client feels confident. We will never force a client into a decision.
We are the kind of artists that always strive to make the client truly feel beautiful.

We always keep in mind your personal style, colouring and facial features, as this is what brings out that unique beauty.
Our professionally trained artists are equipped to handle every skin and hair type. No job is too big or too small for us, and we believe that everyone deserves to look their best!

Our KAMU hair and make-up kits are stocked with the latest, most professional cosmetics and tools around.
Our passion is to research and explore the newest make-up and hair trends and techniques. We study contemporary make-up, airbrushing and hairstyling. Making sure your look is fresh and modern. We meet as a team weekly to play, teach, learn and perfect trending styles.

Our makeup studio is based at 14 Brownsdrift road, Durban North. Yet we will gladly travel out to where ever you are.