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Due to high demand, we offer you personal one-on-one make-up lessons on how to achieve that celebrity look. In addition, we offer group lessons where you can learn tips and tricks with your friends in a fun casual setting. These lessons are available at our studio in Durban north or conveniently at your own home.
Furthermore, we offer workshops to businesses and corporations.

Your lesson will start with a consultation discussing your lifestyle, personal style and beauty concerns you might have.
We will then design looks that will ensure your features are beautifully and easily enhanced, We will perform a makeover on one side of your face and guide you as you proceed to achieve the same look on the other side of the face. Bring you own make-up bag for us to see and advise.
All lessons include face shaping, colour coding, brow shaping, a personalised makeup chart with recommended products and a “how to” makeup manual.

Corporate events, bridal shower parties and functions/ events. We offer makeup workshops for a fun day of Demo & teaching all things makeup. Please email us at info@kamu.co.za for more info.

Make-up habits are formed at this age, watching mom, sisters, friends and even some make-up tutorials, and all this information can get confusing! Young ladies need to know the whys and how’s about the correct way to wear make-up on themselves. This course teaches hair and makeup.
This 2-day course teaches the girls the fundamentals, Offered during school holidays. Email info@kamu.co.za for more inf